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Ramics Appliance Repair offers reliable, same-day Gas and Electric appliance repair services in San Diego and Surrounding Areas!
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Refrigerator Repair in San Diego

A damaged refrigerator can give you a serious headache especially in situations you need it the most. The question is will you let it happen? As early as your refrigerator or fridge shows early signs of breakdown, call the attention of a reliable appliance repair in your area.

The most common refrigerator issues include the following:

  • Refrigerator not switching on;
  • The fridge starts to defrost even not in a defrost mode;
  • Refrigerator making noisy sound;
  • The fridge starts to emit a foul odour.

If you see any of these problems with your refrigerator, contact Ramics Repair immediately to restore your refrigerator and fridge to its normal, working state.

We at Ramics Repair offer fridge repair services and refrigerator repair in San Diego. Not just that, we have a team of expert repairmen to fix your appliances issues any time of the day. Therefore, if you need immediate help with your appliances, contact us today.

Washing Machine Repair in San Diego

Your washing machine is one of the important appliances at home. But what if it’s not working as intended? Of course, you will be obliged to hand wash the laundry.

Well, that’s a big waste of your time.

If you want to avoid such hassle with your washing machine, make sure to keep an eye of the following issues:

  • Washing machine not turning on;
  • The washing machine displays error messages;
  • The washing machine starts to leak;
  • The washing machine creates an unusual sound.

If that is the case with your washing machine, don’t hesitate to contact Ramics Repair. We do washing machine repair in San Diego. Need help today? Our technicians are available to help you with your immediate needs anytime.

Dryer Repair in San Diego

You have so many laundries to dry but your dryer is acting up. You need to finish the laundry today because your husband has a meeting the next morning and your children need to attend school.

You have nothing to do but keep the clothes outside while the sun is up and wait till it dry.

This could be a big hassle on your side.

If you need help with your dryer and want it fixed immediately, Ramics Repair can do the work for you.

We offer dryer repair in San Diego and can troubleshoot any minor or major dryer issues including:

  • The dryer not turning on;
  • Leaking dryer;
  • Dryer making unusual sound;
  • Clothes after drying are still wet dump.

For this case, Ramics Repair can help you. Our technicians are adept in the field of appliance repair and can definitely troubleshoot appliance issues whatever it is.

Range, Oven and Stove Repair in San Diego

As a mom, it’s our obligation to feed our kids the best and healthiest food every single day of our life. But how would that be possible if you have a malfunctioning oven and stove?

While you can buy their meals in the nearest restaurant, would you be happy serving them foods full of preservatives and iodized? Of course not.

You don’t need to buy a new oven and stove. Ramics Repair offer stove and oven repair in San Diego.

Our technicians are adept in troubleshooting any kinds of stove issues like:

  • Stove not turning on;
  • Stove overheating;
  • Stove not heating;
  • Oven showing error display;
  • Oven making a strange noise.

If you see any of these issues with your oven and stove, feel free to contact Ramics Repair to help you.

Dishwasher Repair in San Diego

Dishwashing is fun but will you still enjoy it if your dishwasher is damaged and you need to do manual handwashing?

It takes time. It needs effort. Overall, it’s tiring.

Don’t let your dishes hinder you to do other important tasks of your day. Ramics Repair is an expert in dishwasher repair. We can fix dishwasher issues of all kinds and troubleshoot them the same day.

Most of the common dishwasher issues we encounter are:

  • Dishwasher not turning on;
  • Dishwasher making a strange noise;
  • Dishwasher not washing;
  • Dishwasher leaks.

Whatever your issues with your dishwashers are, we got your back. Ramics Repair is just a call away.

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Repair of All Appliance Brands

We service over 70 brands, so you don’t need to call two companies if you own appliances from different brands. These brands include Amana, Bosch, Dacor, DCS Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire, GE, Jenn Air, Electrolux, KitchenAid, Liebherr, LG, Maytag, Miele, Thermador, Sub-Zero, Samsung, Sears Appliances –Kenmore, Viking, Whirlpool, Wolf and many more. Most of our repair bookings for appliance repairs are attended on the same day.

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